İstanbul Design Week is more than just a showcase for designers, it is a creativity platform presenting reference points for designers to draw their path. İstanbul Design Week is a connection point for creative ideas from different disciplines of design.

What differentiates İstanbul Design Week from similar design events is firstly it’s venue, the Old Galata Bridge. The century old bridge is one of Istanbul’s most important landmarks and used as the main exhibition area of İstanbul Design Week. Promising an extraordinary experience, the Old Galata Bridge has a total exhibit area of 10,000 squaremeters, a perfectly central location and a very unique atmosphere.

“From the little we know about Istanbul it is a place of enormous creative energy with a developing design scene that is not so established and not yet set in its ways, for us the wider cultural environment is the most interesting thing, the diversity of culture is like nowhere else in the world, we are always inspired by music, we want to meet as many people as possible and have as many conversations as we can in the hope that we will end up doing something with people in Istanbul that is relevant, innovative and appropriate and useful. Istanbul is the most exciting city in the world that we have been to so far, is it Europe, is it Asia? Makes us dizzy just thinking about it. Are we in a mosque or what?”

Istanbul Design Week 2007
aims to bring production companies, designers, opinion leaders, young talents, professionals and design fans together at the Old Galata Bridge between September 04th and 10th. This year Istanbul Design Week has a much wider concept with its extensive international connections. The event becomes a perfect platform for designers and producers to reach consumers and make new international connections. In this platform once again non-governmental organizations, universities, occupational organizations, small and medium sized companies, industrial sector representatives will share their ideas with the design world. We expect from all participants to evaluate Old Galata Bridge in the most creative way where Istanbul Design Week is organized. Because in Istanbul Design Week, the space does not limit your creativity, only your creativity limits the space!