RIGroup is proud to present 24 world-famous designers for 4 weeks in June at our new gated community Ecoestate Pavlovskaya sloboda, Moscow region. Their works will be exposed at the RIGroup Design Show from 1st June to 1st July, 2008.

Our company has previously hosted five designer shows in America and Europe, and we are very excited with an opportunity to introduce our international concept for the first time in Russia.

RIGroup has invited acclaimed interior designers from 12 countries to showcase their unique artistic vision. Each designer has been given a house or a room to feature their latest work, and create an exclusive project utilising the most innovative furniture and pieces of decor available today. We hope that the result will serve as a source of inspiration and will blow the imagination of visitors and guests. Some designers will come to the show to present their projects personally. They will also give a master-class and lecture to local young architects, artists, and students of design schools. Two Russian students will be granted a scholarship to study at one the best design schools in New York.

The cultural mission of our project is to highlight the close interrelation of contemporary art and design in daily life, to reveal its great influence on all aspects of human existence: from the education of children and setting lifestyle trends, to creative achievements and professional success. We believe that the upcoming design show will give to everyone a powerful intellectual and emotional impulse, and will fill one with the desire to change a routine view on life, and to explore it from unexpected angles.

RIGroup Design Show will be held at a luxury gated community Ecoestate Pavlovskaya sloboda which our company has recently constructed on the 26th kilometer of Novorizhskoe shosse, Moscow region. Built in accordance with international trends in of green development, the exclusive community presents an ideal place for this artistic initiative. Both projects are united by a common philosophy: even daring ideas can come real.

I would like to invite you to join us at the RIGroup Design Show where you will experience unparalleled pleasure and joy from being introduced to the fascinating, tasteful, and unpredictable world of contemporary art and design.