This unit is developed with the aim to change the people’s attitude toward the nature and to teach unobtrusively to take care of an environment.

There is a significant lack of sunny light in our premises. Lighthouse is a lamp and a tabletop greenhouse at the same time. A plant gets (in full measure) the light, the warmth and the water, remunerating us with its aesthetics and clear air.

Touching the walls of the semitransparent cap, leaves reveal their structure. They seem to exude through a mist, giving natural lines and shades on the surface. Thus, lighthouse can be considered as a contemplation object.


Lighthouse is supplied with a humidity sensor, which signals on the water shortage. It can be adjusted in accordance with an optimal sprinkling scheme for a given plant. The base brings a removable flowerpot; one can perform transplantation, tillage or fertilization at any moment.


Lighthouse is constructed of a scratch-resistant plastic and a stainless steel, assuring the longevity and reliability of the product. It can be positioned at the desktop due to its moderate dimensions (42х23х23 cm).

It is a project of Ilya Tkach from Ekaterinburg (Russia). It was selected to shortlist of international Greener Gadgets Design Competition.