How do we spend our leisure time? What will change in the future? Busy all the time, we are losing our previous habits, small pleasures, important traditions. For the sake of activity and efficiency, we are losing real contact with nature, people, ourselves…

We like solutions which are more and more simple and “easier to use”. Like an instant soup or a set of vitamins.
The Relax Instant project takes these trends to an absurd level. The suggested series of items only seemingly provides for its user rest, contact with nature and people needs during a day. Easy-to-use products accurately correspond to the needs of their user living a faster and faster life.

The absolute, recommended minimum.
Use regularly!

Relax Instant are 4 objects:
Jogging path” self adhesive tape, “Comrade” mirror, “Walk on the grass” flip flops and “Deskdreaming” blouse

“Jogging Path”
Self adhesive measuring tape.
Jogging without going out of home. Simply stick the tape to the floor and see how far to run!



Now you can work without breaks for resting or even sleeping. Just wear “Deskdreaming” blouse with special pillows on the sleeves. If you are tired, lean your head on the arm for a while..



“Walk on the grass”
There is no need for going out to meet the nature anymore. Water the “Walk on the grass” flip flops, wait till the grass grows, put it on your feet and go for a run on the grass!


Noone likes lonely meals. With “Comrade” mirror you will always have someone to accompany your dinner.



designers: Baba
Phtographers: Wiktor Gutt and Cezary Chojnowski