On 23rd September our jury voted for the winners of Allivision09 international design competition. Winners are going to be announced in the 22nd issue of AutoDesign&Styling magazine and throught other media partners of the competition at begining of November. Now public can vote for the best projects between fifteen best rated finalists by our jury on www.auto-design.cz (http://www.auto-design.cz/default.aspx?ido=119&sh=420810171). Let’s vote for your favorite designs!

Allivision09 international design competition is organized by Allivictus Ltd., AutoDesign&Styling magazine and other partners. Competitors should have sent their designs till the end of August. Subtitle of the competition is „Ideas for a Better World“ and competitors should have created concept for future vehicle which meets the following criteria: simplicity, uniqueness, consumer modesty, and of  course aesthetic quality.


Radek Laube, administrátor soutěže
M: +420 774 668 860
E: laube@auto-design.cz
T/F: +420 220 910 324

Organizer and partners:

The design competition organizer is Allivictus Ltd., Czech Republic, offering products with the organic parameters of the highest quality. Hand-made tincture Allivictus, based on garlic, uses the original Tibetan recipes from the 13th century and insists on quality and choice of raw material, which has exclusively Czech origin. After successful certification in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Germany, the company is currently running the certification process of tincture Allivictus in Switzerland and in a few other carefully selected localities, because the production, in the interest of keeping the maximum quality, is limited. Company Allivictus decided to organize a contest for young designers called Allivision09 – “Ideas for a Better World” in order to contribute to the search for new ideas and solutions in the field of automotive design – seemingly remote from the field of human health and regeneration. However, in the contemporary technologically and geographically connected world, the conception of the health cannot be separated from the vision of the long-term maintainable development, new alternative energy sources and also from the new aspect on development of automobile transport. The vision of Allivictus is to try to detect the near future of the car – mean of transport suitable for the individual transport, which does not overcharge the life in the city, and deliver the joy and experience of the motion.

AutoDesign&Styling magazine
AutoDesign&Styling is a visually conceived premium magazine which offers its readers fresh insight into the automotive design for fourth year running. Passion for beautiful shapes is the main link of the original Czech magazine. You can discover the often surprising connections across the design branch or find inspiration of successful designers, on its website. In their fourth season, the magazine introduced the Czech-English texts with the aim of bringing good design and the latest trends to an even wider audience. In each issue you will discover exclusive interviews with leading designers, the most outstanding automotive news, coverages from interesting events, portraits of legendary makers and many other inspirational articles.
Winemakers Dinners
If one were searching for a locale that is highly untouched and far and away from the civilizing bustle of today, they would find themselves in the British Virgin Islands. With its long empty white sand beaches, clear water and beautiful sunsets, this is a true paradise. British Virgin Islands archipelago is made up of approximately sixty islands and islets with some being uninhabited. Ancient pirates refuge preserves its virgin nature because there cannot land a large transport aircraft from Europe and America, bringing hundreds of tourists. The British Virgin Islands is the ideal place to relax away from the daily bustle and offers serenity for meditation and searching the visions – even designs. The most successful designer – the creator of the best project of the Allivision 09 competition and the1st place winner – will be able thanks their sponsors, Allivictus and Winemakers Dinners from the British Virgin Islands – to relax for one week on the amazing beaches of island Virgin Gorda.