Pisa Tower is multi-functional product that could be used as a shelf and desk. Transforming from one shape to other is very simple process, by taking out boxes from the inner core, you are geting levels of the shelf. All boxes are connected with one elasting strip. The box elements has only the frames, which is better and easier for production.


The shelf got it`s name by the Pisa Tower, shelf construction is very stable and secure, even it`s axis is a bit angled.


Minimalistic design gives this product a wide range of spaces it could be used in. On the 47th Belgrade Furniture Fair this shelf has won the prize from ULUPUDS-a ( Serbian art and design sociaty ) for a signle piece furniture and group prize for invention and design of products with collegues from “Sector of wood procesing” Belgrade located faculty ( Šumarski faklutet ).

Via Industrijski dizajn

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