The winner of Jubilee 20th Czech National Award for Student Design is Anna Marešová with Whoop-de-doo – Erotic toy for women (not only) from medical point of view.

Design Whoop-de-doo reflects authors confidence that erotic toys shouldn’t arouse sensation/feeling be embarrassed, but it should be common, utilitarian item with specific functional requirements. Author paid attention to this functions almost scientific. Anna consulted her design with gynecologists, sexologists, gender experts, with technologist and skilled designers. She has even prepared questionnaire for public and she has been carefully selecting right materials and inner components for the products.

Look of the vibrator, vibrating eggs and venus balls Whoop-De-Doo is not popular expressive design but elegant delicately designed forms, which shall please wide spectrum of common users and help remove unplesant social tabu.

Author also place emphasis on graphic and structural design of the package. Overall she surprised jury with complexity and high level of quality of the final product.

source: designcabinet.cz