Do you know what else can you make out of concrete besides floor covering, kitchen surface and loudspeaker? Accessories! Don’t you believe me? Than check this out:

The Hungarian label, Ivanka Concrete launched its first fashion collection consisting of clothes and stylish accessories. Thanks to a special technique the high performance concrete is lightweight and therefore easily wearable. The Genezis Collection began with a model made almost entirely of concrete, the evolution of the collection explores the effects produced by alternating the ratio between concrete and leather.

The concrete handbags and clutches were completed with series of organ jewellery, made by Anna Szabó, architect intern at the studio. The collection consist five vital organs – lung, stomach, liver, heart and kidney – that can be easily transplanted due to a hidden magnet and they stick to a wide range of surfaces from its own chain, that actually feels like a vain, to belt buckles, lamps and fridges.