Mistral Café by Studio Muon – Czech Republic

Mistral Café is situated in the historical centre of Prague, in Josefov in the Old Town. The aim of restaurant is to characterise and represent this area, as well as to offer the unique space for wide range of people walking around. In the epicenter of education and arts, Mistral Café is often a choice of very interesting personalities.

Designed by czech studio Muon, leaded by Jiří Zhoř, Mistral Café interior is simple, comfortable and very efficient. Small flower-pots with herbs support the fine atmosphere of sitting in a garden behind an old house wall. Jiří Zhoř has used different materials, however two of them seem to be very dominant. Every piece of furniture is made of bleached birch plywood with smooth texture and the second material is rough concrete, appearing on old walls and as the dark skim on the floor.

Muon architecture – space between the sound: “Muon is silence, concentration and tension in space. Concentration is about searching for essence, tension is about creation. Design is about connecting them both. Architecture is about values that can be realized by this connection.“ this philosophical quotation perfectly matches with the main idea of Mistral Café, a place where you can not only sit and eat, but feel the special atmosphere.

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  1. I love Mistral’s design- minimalist, relaxing, warm vibe thanks to the use of light wood and good food to match.

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