Some years ago, a young businessman, called Péter Baldaszti, had a dream about a gourmet center in Budapest, that attracts the visitors from all over the world to gain new experiences in gastronomy. For the sake of the cause he hired and collaborated with the best professionals in order to create a special, world-class interior, that goes together with the grandiose meal and drink offers. Their hard work fructified and now there are 3 spots, that run under the name: Baldaszti’s.

Baldaszti’s Kitchen

The first two spots, the Baldaszti’s Kitchen and Market opened in 2011 on Lánchíd Street, where the milieu is absolutely compelling. The original interior desing was made by Geppetto Interior Architects, whose designers created an eclectic atmosphere full of interesting design elements. The first conspicuous thing is the dark floor, which really emphasizes the white Philippe Starck furniture, while on the gallery the cold whiteness is softened by the colorful books on the shelves. The different premises have different functions, so under the same roof the guests can find a gourmet shop, in which the store character dominates, a tasting room and a café combined with a kitchen. Finally there is no way getting away from the wallpaper, the luminaires and the MOZA cement tiles.

Baldaszti’s Grand

The youngest spot in the line is Baldaszti’s Grand that is situated on Andrássy Street. The high headroom is coupled with minimalist design, big windows and variable lighting. White is still dominant especially in furnishing but the revetment has a warmer effect thanks to the wooden material; furthermore most of the furniture are recycled or second-hand. The designers paid attention to small details and one of the most imaginative ideas was the white painted branches that are hanging above the guests’ heads.

Baldaszti’s Market – 1013 Budapest, Lánchíd Street 5.
Baldaszti’s Kitchen – 1013 Budapest, Lánchíd Street 7-9.
Baldaszti’s Grand – 1061 Budapest, Andrássy Street 8.
Photos: Baldaszti’s