Set 01: solid wood gives a warm pleasant feel to the touch.

Barstool 02, Table 01 and Coatstand 01 are a set of furniture designed by Matej Chabera for dynamic social situations. The designer took inspiration in the way people behave: some need to sit to concentrate on talking but some need to stand and be free to move. The bar height of the table allows people who sit and who stand to use it at the same time, without the unpleasant hierarchy between the sitting and the standing. Having these options makes meetings, brainstorms or just coffee breaks a whole new experiences that provokes relaxed and spontaneous communication.

Barstool 02: the diagonal makes the stool strong and works as a hanger.

Set 01 also features many places to hang your coat, your laptop bag and any other belongings giving you the necessary freedom to have a good time. Its great for the ladies too since their handbag will never lay on the ground but will hang neatly within reach.

Sampler 01 is made in the same way as the furniture.

The aesthetics is very precisely tuned with identical wood proportions and various forms of construction from the same stick elements. Set 01 is CNC manufactured from ash wood, beautifully hand built and finished in five wax finishes by LUGI furniture maker from Czech Republic.

Barstool 02 received a Czech Grand Design awards nomination in 2011. You can see and try Set 01 at the Stockist showroom or at HUB Prague. Other work of Matěj can bee seen at his website: