Reusable plate “Ox-Eye” consists a plate made out of cardboard with 7 layers of bioerodible coating (peptidic membrane) which are laminated to it. Each layer has a patch-handle that helps to peal a layer when pulled.

You don’t have to wash this plate every time after meal – you just take away the upper dirty layer. The disposal is minimum in this case – unlike disposable plastic plates that everybody is used to. The layer of peptidic membrane has a colored thicker edging. This plate is for eating in open air, for travels.

It takes at the average 20 seconds , 1 litre of water, efforts of 1 person, 2 mg cleaning liquid plus financial expences on all the components in order to wash one ceramic plate, and comfortable conditions. To produce 1 plastic disposable plate – 5 g of plastic plus financial expences of the customer are required + 90 years for decompose. And it happens this way every time after your meal. It seems efficient to me to suggest an alternative – a reusable plate. The next way of the development this product – is competent selection of eco-friendly materials and technologies.