Mosaic or Tears off wallpaper from ZNAK is a perfect way to decorate your empty walls or to  give a new look to your longstanding interior. It’s innovative, original and fun! Mosaic wallpaper is designed by the Latvian artist and graphic designer Martins Ratniks. The wallpaper consists of different self-adhesive pieces in various colour sets that you can either arrange yourself or you can choose one (or several) of the design sets. The application is done by the help of prepared stencils. You can also pick one of the special decorations sets, which are available in different three-colour combinations.

Tears off wallpaper is developed by ZNAK in collaboration with popular Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese and the Berlin design duo Studio Hausen. Tears off is a modular wallpaper, created with specially designed perforation that allows you to create your own unique wall design. The colour and texture of the wall underneath will become an integral part of your new interior.