Ljubljana’s city centre is small, there are not a lot of cafes and restaurants, but we have some I’m proud of, some that stands out and shows their own identity. Most of the shops, restaurants and cafes are seen from the street, having tables outside on squares or wider pavement. It’s rare to stay hidden behind facades or in courtyards. As aperitivo is one of those.

The inner courtyard of houses create a nest for this urban pavilion made by  Vozlič from Vozlič arhitekti and its interior by Slovene designer Nika Zupanc. As aperitivo is a daily café, which at night turns into a cocktail bar.The interior is bold with some female elegance. Combining black, gold and different shades of red mixes classy elegance with passion. The cherry lights by Nika Zupanc made for Moooi, create a cherry branches on ceiling, what allows the café in daytime to look like a night club, not having lights as  obstacles when people want to dance around (or on) tables. A long black counter is set in the centre of the place, creating a space for an old tree in the atrium of the pavilion that makes the greenery to become an element of an interior. Even more, when days become hot, like today in Ljubljana, when the temperature is up to 25 degrees, the glass walls of the pavilion open up and the garden pavilion becomes the garden itself.

Photos by  S.Hess