I can’t get enough of minimalistic interiors. The next one is located in the Slovene capital, Ljubljana and it’s playful solutions with creating different levels within big spaces really caught my eye! OFIS Arhitekti, a Slovene architectural firm founded by Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik in 1998, has designed this amazing interior in an art nouveau building, built in 1902. The  5 floor residential block is situated in the centre of Ljubljana, and the original layout of this particular apartment consisted of multiple rooms, which created an enclosed feeling.

Many of the existing partitions were removed to create a more continuous space, leaving only the main structural walls to break the space up. This created a constant circulation around the apartment that’s only broken with inserted levels that are used both as hidden storage and space dividers.

pictures by Tomaz Gregoric, Jan Celeda

via ArchDaily