Creators of the Moscow Design Museum project are keen to dispel conventional notions of what a museum experience should be. There are currently museums of design in all major capitals of the world. The existence of such museums are as natural to residents of  megalopolis as the presence of museums of modern art. Only Moscow has been lagging behind: there have been a number of attempts to organize a museum of design but none have yet been successful.

Moscow Design Museum is going to be the very first mobile museum… on a bus. It will be moving around the capital and surrounding cities of Russia with a program of exhibitions, lectures and master classes. Besides this mobile space the museum will occupy a former bomb shelter at the Design Center Artplay.  This project is highly innovative and it will be using the newest information technologies and cultural strategies. The trademark style of the museum was created by LAVA Design – a famous Dutch design studio. The museum will start its activities in October 2012.