Pleksimanija – Slovene jewelry story

I like jewelry with a story behind. By wearing it, feels like being a part of that story. Today I wear silver carnation earrings from Pleksimanija, a Slovenian brand established by three young designers: Anja Šerc, Vanja Mihelič  and Mito Mihelič. The design philosophy of Pleksimanija is to develop a clean line of jewelry that transcends its ordinary perception as a strictly decorative element and places it in a wider cultural narrative. The question of beauty is therefore set as an emotional quest for roots in the legacy of the Slovene folklore motif that seeks to revitalize the uniqueness of simple and traditional visual ethnographic patterns in the age of mass production. Therefore they deliberately use production associated with mass consumption, i.e. generic materials and modern laser-cut technology. This gives products a unique visual identity.

Pleksimanija offers two collections, Ethno and Urban. The Ethno collection is designed as a paraphrase of Slovenian traditional floral ornaments such as the carnation, rose and other floral ornaments. The Urban collection, on the other hand, plays with the traditional motives of cross and honeycombs that are by default more geometrical and abstract.


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  1. matilda

    Great design.

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