Ever wondered why there’s no such thing as a comfortable piece of furniture you can lie down on and read or work at the same time? Now it seems like you don’t have to worry about this any longer!

Budapest based young designer Tamás Bozsik found the solution and created something between a chair and a sofa – combined with some shelves, of course – as his final piece of work for his university degree. (The designer was a student of the well known Hungarian university, Mome.) During the creation process he tried to find a design for a comfortable position between sitting and lying down. To me it seems a bit like a huge piece of paper (blown by the wind) on top of a cute little table from Alice in Wonderland. I’ve never seen one like this before and I believe I might not be the only one who would like to have a seat like this in their home just to find out how comfortable this really is. The “sofa” comes with two decorative cushions that match the basic conception of the designer to be environment friendly and use only natural fabrics such as wood (ash-tree just to be precise) and felt. Under the seat you can find a double shelf for books or magazines.

Tamás said he wanted to recall the long forgotten basic function and use of furniture and state the importance of environmentally conscious fabrics and the advantage of modern handcraft technology.