In total, over 60 designers entered the competition for young designers under 35 years of age. The competition was organised by Dassault Systèmes and the magazine AutoDesign&Styling with the support of the civic association Czechdesign. The organizers chose the topic, “Age of Design”, as they want to draw attention to the important role of applied design in everyday life. On 7 September, the seven-member jury selected three finalists out of 25 projects. The finalists attending the final workshop will use the professional 3D design tool CATIA Natural Sketch.

Riten Gojiya of India and the Czech designers Josef Ludvík Böhm and Jakub Novák are the finalists of the international design competition “Dassault Systèmes Design Challenge 2012”. Riten Gojiya, a student of transportation design at the International School of Design Pune, succeeded with a vision of a hovercraft for “excursions into the third dimension”, while Josef Ludvík Böhm got the jury interested by his design of an active robotic orthosis, and Jakub Novák scored high points with a project of a futuristic pedal boat.