In virtue of its name, Round-the-Clock can be an average watch with usual features, but in this case we have something unique to talk about. The young designer student, Benedek Kőrös, studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, wants to take aim at those young people with this watch, who have to be elegant because of their job, but they don’t want to be the part of the strict business style but want to express their character.

In favour of his cause, he designed the Red Dot award winner Round-the-Clock, that is actually a clear-out, stainless steel bracelet-watch without clock face and the current time appears between the ends of the black stripe, with the help of the three elastic strings, that moves independently from each other. These strings are moved by an electro-motor, while the time is set by the sign of GPS satellites and atomic clocks. For the sake of convenience there is a rubber layer on its inner surface that also helps to hold it on the owners’ wrists.