Slovene fashion design prodigy, Arijana Gadzijev‘s collection should to be the new export product of the country. I had a few words with her during the Design Biennial in Ljubljana and I’m totally convinced that her way of thinking and creating shall convert every high- and street fashion brand to eco-fashion.

The Hybriding collection is a great way to stay in stylish and eco-friendly in the same time. Hybrid flowers, mirrored with vivid colors are used as patterns, while the material is an other sort of mixture: soft silk and sportswear fabrics. The clothes are easy to handle: dry quickly and don’t crease. The combination of sport materials with constructional details and textile prints makes the collection a balanced and practical line between “couture” and “casual” wear. This collection would serve well every globe trotter women who likes edgy fashion of high standard.

Eco tip: Not a drop of ink is wasted during the printing procedure as Arijana uses the left-over to make stylish packaging for her clothes (see picture below).