A pop-up café, a pop-up shop or a pop-up restaurant is a concept you are probably aware of. But what about a pop-up home?

We have one in Ljubljana. Pop-up Home was born as an initiative by Rompom – a design team of young creatives from Slovenia who decided to showcase a range of high-quality contemporary Slovene design. But every good story has its ending, unfortunately this one will only last for one month.

The home is located in the centre of Ljubljana, next to the Congress square. Visitors are able to see, test and experience the products in a functional space displayed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room and other spaces normally found in our home. So everything is basically the same as it would be in actual apartment except this space functions as a gallery and every object there is for sale.
Experience the ultimate designer apartment browsing among 200 items, mainly prototypes. For instance, a cozy bed COL-LETTO with a soft foam collar on the edges that can be rolled up or down like a turtleneck sweater designed by Nuša Jelenc, innovative and quirky “cloud” lamp by Tilen Sepič, functional shelving design – Twist by Jurij Lozič, paper lamp by Grupa made of recycled advertising brochures and from a standard light bulb base. But unlike ordinary vast soulless gallery spaces with white walls this does not only look like a home but it also might feel like one for the possibility to get in touch with the designers in person and actively participate in the future development of the products.

Interaction is further increased by lots of other things happening there. Film screenings, fashion shows (Fallen into pieces by Nika Ravnik, The Start-up collection by Kristina Lovko), culinary events and social games (for example Slovenian Monopoly where typical characters and objects from Slovenian literature and tradition are used). Why is all this relevant? Because this whole variety of events which Pop-up Home encourages build on the creative potential of Ljubljana.

The final event taking place this Sunday will be the auction where unsold items exhibited will be for sale. And what follows then? The idea is to create an online store which will carry on with the concept.

Hopefully the initiative by Rompom will encourage new pop-up events to follow and will not remain just as a single example of good practice, since it represents new ways of thinking and lifestyle brought together through collaboration. It also points out to a way of life in a community which is increasingly embraced by the younger generations.