Doking XD is looking for a new interior, so we’re excited to see your concept sketches! The best project will be brought to life and presented in next Doking concept car. We offer you a unique chance to see your work executed and enjoy the fame. Additionally, winner will receive a Pen Tablet, valued at $650. Deadline for submission is 1st March 2013. The jury will choose winner and twenty best works will be presented at Auto® 2013 Automotive Design conference in Zagreb 5-7 April 2013.

Doking XD is concept city EV. “Driving first class” is company slogan that describes the XD’s performance and its luxury feeling. As always, luxury is best felt in the interior and it is your task to sketch it. High quality materials, colours, shape, but also doors and seating position is what makes this car so different. A luxury car must make life easier, in other words its use must be simple, logical and intuitive – in other words, an effortless ride. Doking XD will offer high level of personalization in terms of colours and materials. Make your design easy to change in production so it can offer various atmospheres. One customer will ask for minimalist and other for baroque style. It will be driven in cold and humid or hot and dry climate. Contrary to mass produced cars, as a luxury car the XD will offer a lot of various combinations of interiors to suit customers’ needs best.


  • Vjekoslav Majetić, Dok-ing CEO
  • Tomislav Boško, Dok-ing Automotiv CEO
  • Elvis Tomljenović, Master of Product Design
  • Hannah Macmurray, automotive designer and founder of online magazine Green Car Design
  • One of the speakers at Auto® automotive design conference, automotive designer

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