Studio Belenko – Ukraine

A  warm, low-tech, homey interior, abounding in natural materials. Various knick-knacks, well-used kitchen accessories arranged with intention. High workmanship and rustic feel. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?  You can find most of these charming interiors designed by Studio Belenko in Odessa,Ukraine. The studio was founded by architect Denis Belenko in 2003 and focuses on designing public spaces – mainly restaurants and cafes, but also clubs, shops and private residences. What’s more, this design collective offers  furniture such as  lamps, stools, chairs and other original products for individual purchase.

Studio Belenko contributed to the creation of plenty worth-visiting places. What really caught my eye in their projects is the attention to details, that makes you feel like you’ve entered somebody’s home. Gogol- mogol café looks like owned by granny who’s having a weakness for quirky souvenirs and keeps them for sentimental reasons. Books yellowed with age add this place authenticity – this cafe gives the impression of being established years ago. The interior of Tavernetta – restaurant with Italian cuisine is an ode to raw wood. The window frames, furniture, counter tops are made of Siberian pine, which was saw by specially disturbed tape saw ,giving the wood surface the typical rustic jags. The cooking utensils are placed with a lot of thought , in a certain order as to emphasize the symmetry that makes the interior appealingly light and clear. This linear order appears in almost every project. The accessories create the final character of each place, hanged or put with great precision.

When I first saw Banka Pub I felt like being projected into British turn-of-the-century pub. The chesterfield armchairs, dark wooden counters and subtle lighting – everything fits together. It is noticeable that every project of Studio Belenko has a very consequent style.

It surely would be a pleasure to spend the winter evening in one the old-style cafes, enjoying the warm atmosphere and excellent workmanship contained in every detail.



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  1. I love the interiors of Kompot and Gogol-Mogol! Worthwhile a visit, especially during the summer time.

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