Winner of the annual competition for undergraduated and graduated students Electrolux DesignLab is from Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu in Poland. Jan Ankiersztajn, student of industrial design, has presented his idea to clean and filter the air in living space. Aeroball is designed to improve house conditions in the very new and different way. Inspired by nature, the glowing shell of the sphere absorbs light during the day and radiates it at night. In the oposite to a shape of contemporary air purifiers, Aeroball is lighter, soft, pleasant to look at and its filter is a beautiful surface that changes over the course of its lifetime. Electrolux company provides every year a great chance for young designers to develop their ideas for future design solutions.

Jury consiting of diverse personalities awarded two other projects of Ben de la Roche from New Zealand, who took second place and third place won Christopher Holm-Hansen, Denmark.