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What kind of work environment do you prefer?

If your answer includes the following words: friendly, creative, productive, inspiring or collaborative and if you live in Belgrade, Serbia, we have great news for you, as the design incubator called NOVA ISKRA was opened in December. It is the first of a kind in the region of SEE, located in the Gavrila Principa Street in the neighborhood of Savamala.

The entire architectural design was created by architectural studio PETOKRAKA. In the incubator’s interior there is a balance between intact, rough treatment of the columns & walls and some products specially designed for this location (work – desk “Iskra” with the flexible and modular design created by studio Antipod and manufactured by the Simpo Šik, “Bonbon” lamps by Ana Kraš).

The design incubator is divided into two levels and various spatial units, which all together spread over 350 square meters. Some of the spaces that you can find are: LEARN multifunctional space, MAKE mini workshop, WORK Design Incubator, MEET lower level area …

NOVA ISKKRA is specially appropriate for those young designers who are at the beginning of their professional carrier. Moreover, this multifunctional co-working space is committed to the professionalization of Serbian designers as well as designers form the region. Its aim is also to establish constructive and sustainable relationships between the creative industries and manufacturing.

In order to achieve different objectives NOVA ISKRA acts through four interconnected hubs:

  1. DESIGNERS LAB (it provides 18 young designers with modern working space)
  2. CREATIVE HUB (an extended network of professionals-designers from the various fields)
  3. INDUSTRY HUB (it gathers small and middle range companies, manufactures and enterprises active in the  areas of industrial design, textile …)
  4. PARTNERS (the network of professional design studios, architectural bureaus and firms engaged in the creative sector activities)

Besides its two basic functions that have already been mentioned (working space and connection with manufacturers) there will be many other projects, for example: professional meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations of leading experts and authors from the fields of innovation and design, to mention but a few.

NOVA ISKRA is a nice example of a coworking space and according to a Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey there are numerous advantages of working in that kind of a work environment, for example: 71% of respondents said that their creativity had increased since joining, and 62% said their standard of work had improved.

If you want to see more examples of great collaborative workspaces, check this link and see if there is one in your home town.