z10974408XLooking through interior design blogs, magazines, home accessory shops I couldn’t ignore noticing  the bold move away from ample use of colours to ever-present use of white. And what colour  could compete with white when it comes to good presentation of an object?

The Showroom of a skateboard brand RUSH, based in Łódź (Poland), is a bright, smooth space, where white walls, ceiling and floor allow the original pieces of furniture, clothes, skateboard accessories to rule to roost.

Last December Rush opened its shop and studio in new interesting  spot on the map of Łódź – OFF Piotrkowska zone. It’s a unique in the nation-wide scale project, bringing together representatives of the creative industries. The walls of the former cotton Ramisch Factory became a friendly place for the opening of many music clubs, art galleries, concept stores, cafes and showrooms.

The interior of the new headquarters of the company is the result of cooperation between the owner of the brand Rafał Lejman and Grzegorz Gonsior – fashion designer and street artist. This industrial space was a perfect spot for a skateboard shop. Its character is emphasised by old,  small tables and cabinets from the 50’s and new, recycled ones – made of post-production waste  tubes, designed by WELL WELL DESIGN company ( also based in Łódź). The additional DIY furniture created with a big doze of creativity are the sign of passion for skateboarding and art.

The result is an original, a little bit rough but personalized interior blending into the climate of this post-industrial space.

Showroom photos by : Andrzej Różycki