Strawberry tree black – a win-win situation. Let me explain why.

Imagine a familiar situation when you want to use your phone and make a call or take a picture but the battery is completely empty. Now what? One option is to go home and recharge the battery or borrow a cell phone from a (kind) stranger? OR the third option – you can use a public charger that transforms the solar energy into the electrical energy. I would go for the third (sustainable) option.

STRAWBERRY TREE BLACK is one of eight solar chargers in Serbia. This edition was designed by Serbian architect Miloš Milivojević and is located in Tašmajdan park in Belgrade.

Because of its minimalistic, elegant look and thin and artistic construction that follows the line of a real tree, it was named Tree Black. The company that invented this public solar charger is a young Serbian company – Strawberry Energy.

So how does the charger for portable devices work? As we already mentioned the charger uses the clean solar energy, consequently no damaging substances are produced. In this way the Strawberry Tree Black contributes to preserving nature and keeping the air unpolluted. At the top of the solar charger there is a square surface covered by nine thin-film glass solar panels. In front of the “tree” there is a long bench with a black bar where different charging points can be found.

Strawberry Tree Black should remind us of starting to use the energy of the sun and reduce the energy from other sources that greatly contribute to the pollution of our environment. Clean, ecological and renewable energy is the right way to go in the future.

Miloš Milivojevic currently works as a freelance architect and as a teaching associate at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. He obtained awards and prizes for his works, which were presented at various national and international exhibitions.

Check his personal webpage to see other architectural, graphic design and fashion projects.

Photo: Miloš Milivojević