Tomas Kral for Praxis – Flex boxes


Blame it on the current economic situation, overwhelming workload or growing complexity of technology; living in a busy world brings out our need to relax. Stuart Elliot, journalist for The New York Times, is not the only one who has foreseen the trend towards simplicity, when he said that we need ‘’to par it down just to the basics.’’  Nowadays many retailers and manufacturers invest into new marketing strategies and design concepts that fuse ease with modern style and high quality in the effort to simplify our lives through innovative products.

This is also the philosophy of Hong Kong-based studio Praxis which works with many European artists to produce new and useful products while strictly maintaining the minimalist design. They have paired up with Slovakian designer Tomas Kral for their latest collection of home/ office boxes, called Flex.

Tomas is a former graduate of ECAL – The University of Art and Design Lausanne in Switzerland whose portfolio includes cooperation with renowned international companies like PCM (Spain), Imm-Living (Canada) or Foundry (Singapore).  His unconventional projects have been awarded by the Swiss Federal Design Commission and Macef Design Association and exhibited at museums and galleries around the globe.

Flex is a set of containers made out of one single material – silicone rubber which posses great qualities such as strong durability, elasticity or resistance to extreme temperatures.  Useful is also the versatility of this product as you can use it like a  food container, jewellery box or make-up bag. Doesn’t matter what you put inside, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your valuables because each box has a flexible lid that always closes back so the case never stays opened when it is not in use.

This product is an innovative yet very simple solution to store your items safely. Available in four fashionable colours it will make a stylish addition to your home.

Photography by Martin Haldimann

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