Za bor architects is a Moscow based architectural office founded in 2003 by  Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev. Abundance of architectural methods used both in architecture and interior design, as well as complex dynamic shapes are the business cards of this bureau.

Offering original, unique solutions and designing always with a doze of boldness, Za bor architects bureau was the perfect choice when it came to designing the Yandex Offices.Yandex is the most popular search system and Internet company in Russia and the former USSR countries. The most spectacular and eye-catching office came into being at the fourth floor of the reconstructed 1970s building, in Saint Petersburg.

The guidelines were to design an impressive space. The arrangement of this 3310 sqm area has been a challenge due to complex space outstretched along a central 200 meters long corridor axis. The creative duo decided to place the individual rooms along both sides of this corridor. The common space of the corridor is filled with unusual objects – each of them has its particular function. The tiny pixel icons that we usually see in 2d on our desktop, has grown to huge size, showing its third dimension. Employees can enjoy recreation zones including gym, cafeteria, showers, coffee-points and a library. This colorful, vivid space surely can raise the level of creativity among the staff even in the late night hours (as the office has twenty-four-hours operation schedule).

The Parasite office is a concept for effective exploitation of the wide passages between multi-storey building with blind end walls. The location of this idea  is not accidental as Moscow is the biggest city in Europe with promptly growing economy and permanent shortage of creative office areas. Za bor architects presented their idea at ARCH Moscowarchitectural biennial held traditionally in the end of May. The design uses free spaces between buildings forming original and economically viable offices which do not block the court yard access.

The project stretches on of three-floors with an additional roof area, divided with modular floor panels. The framework which shapes it, is a single structural unit clamped between the blind facades of the houses. The polygonal main facade solved in dynamical volumes, is made from light and durable cellular polycarbonate, while the facade turned to the court yard is flat.

Gazebo (garden pavilion) is a project developed specially for a popular TV show about village life. Gazebo structure which resembles a sea wave, consists of a dining zone and barbecue area. Its planes are also an excellent protection from the wind and rainfall. The architects commented their project : Although our project is a complex structure consisting of 14 flat segments, we used neutral colours and natural larch wood. This helps, on the one hand, to present an object effectively and emphasize its structural features, on the other – to leave it in the existing suburban context, to fuse in the greenery of the garden, to please the eye, not to offend it.

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Photos: Peter Zaytsev / za bor architects