While visiting shopping centers we usually find out that most of the stores are designed rather in the same tiresome way – modern and cold, often overwhelming a visitor with the products exposure. But not in the case of Clae pop-up store located in Galeria Malta, Poznan. Thanks to the creative approach of mode:lina architects this project is completely different.

Clae is an American footwear brand which creates its products for the modern man who appreciate the essentials – good design, distinctive materials and comfort of wearing. The challenge of creating the first showroom of Clae in Poland was clear: maximize the shopping experience and minimize the costs of designing due to the temporary nature of the place.

Mode:lina architects are known for creating environmental friendly spaces and this one is no different. To achieve their goals they have reached out for local resources and picked worn out euro pallets that were used during the summer in KONTENER ART – Poznan mobile culture & art center. Pallets served as the main material for the store design – the walls and the floor were covered with them, creating interesting, raw surface. They were also used to build the counter and took the place of typical seats. The image was completed with the cardboard boxes – the base for the shoes exposure which also gave the place more temporary feeling.

The overall result is minimalistic but warm and cozy interior with offbeat atmosphere. It contrasts with the other stores and the shopping mall itself. With the use of natural material it also matches the brand character and puts the products in the first place – giving the customer the necessary, comfortable space. The Clae pop-up store won’t operate for too long so if you’re in Poznan don’t hesitate and visit it today!

Pictures: in courtesy of mode:lina