We can conclude that Hungarian fashion designer Dóri Tomcsanyi reached her style, giving signature pieces and very grown-up solutions to customers. As I follow Dóri’s work for years now, I start to see the delicate references and details she elevates from her previous collections to a higher level of perfection. This Spring-Summer collection consists out of two vastly different parts: a very feminine, soft woman stands against a casual, sporty girl. The first enjoys cocktail parties in lusty, warm summer evenings – maybe at Lake Balaton? -, while the other wants to experience the adventurous city nights and explore underground places – of Budapest?

First I’d like to discuss the first session of clothes. Although the press release underlines its child-like nature, I have to disagree with that statement. This is a very confident line, sensual and free. Peek-a-boos on the right places, over-sized pieces and body-hugging details. The print is superb. I try to avoid superlatives, but honestly, I like this print the most from all her creations. It is a delicate mixture of river-side vacation hut wallpapers of the 50’s and 60’s, soft pastels and kaleidoscope patterns. All printed on luxurious, sheer silk. The cuts are reminding us of home clothes, which gives an extra sexy twist to it:   the feeling that the wearer can undress in front of us anytime. The two sided, in color sense two-dimensional pieces are very tricky and entertainingly creative – I’d like to highlight the pale front and coral cape-like dress here. This line of the collection is the love child of Dóri’s F/W 2012-2013 maxi dresses and the color palette of her previous spring-summer collection.

The second part is a very casual set. It’s following the thread of a sporty outfit, again from her former collection (see link above). I’m not convinced that this is the path she should take, but it’s a personal opinion, since my teenage years I didn’t even had sneakers on. Apart from my personal concerns, this line is very creatively using three different shades of denim (pale azure, indigo, midnight), patch-worked together in a very bold, graphic way. It doesn’t have the sophistication of the other line but definitely has an underground vibe. As a fellow Gemini, I understand how hard it is to make a statement, especially if there are so many questions and interesting ideas waiting for answers.

All in all I have to congratulate to Dóri Tomcsanyi for her most adult collection so far. I’m eagerly waiting for the next one. Her statement pieces, smart solutions and characteristic colors will bring her well-deserved admirers – including me.