For those, who are interested in Hungarian fashion, especially in shoes and accessories, Júlia Káldy’s name must be familiar. She became known apropos of her diploma work and since then her star is rising, as she has been involved in many international projects, collaborated with UK designer Eleanor Amoroso at her London Fashion Week catwalk show, moreover she created an exclusive special capsule collection for singer Zola Jesus.

After this successful start this year will be special for her, because she launched her own line, JULIAKALDY’s debut Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection, premiered at ‘Who’s Next’ fashion trade show for international talents between January 19 and 22 in Paris. The mentioned collection, titled ’Construct’ was dedicated to negative space, that opens up when angles, arcs, and lines cross-sect each other opening up new dimensions ; and it provides an exciting experiment with the perception of space and the geometry of the materials and shapes that encompass it. This well-build conception mixed with Júlia’s sophisticated sense of style results in limited quality design of footwear and accessories that makes her more and more popular among design lovers.

Website: http://juliakaldy.com/