Photo: Jan Grombirik

Czechoslovakian designers trio Miroslava Kohutiarova, Katarina Ravasova and Antonin Soukup was officially based during the year of 2009. They all met and studied at the Technical Univesity of Liberec. LaFormelas progressive and significant start got unusual attention and fashion awards so far and it’s hopefully not going to end up any time soon.

First common collection Rubik’s Cube had an opportunity to be presented on an international show Styl a Kabo in Brno and so it was. Following (could be called haute couture) collection Raven’s Flight finished in 2011 got directly to the runway of The Prague Fashion Weekend and brought an invitation to Bratislavske Modne Dni at the same year. Same impressive collection was selected to the strict curators choice of Sooting Fashion Stars in 2012 and so LaFormela got into the most prestigous fashion magazines not only in Czech republic but abroad too.

This group has created over four summer and winter collections together, one costume project for Prague Ballet and cooperation with magazine One or Inspire. Last year brought the position in The Best Of 2012 selection by Dolce Vita magazine redactors and this year will probably bring the success again and even more of it.

Collection for the spring and summer of 2013 was released in August – September last year. For regular viewers may be surprising edition of positive pieces that are more than suitable for formal wearer this time, especially for its modern shirts or strict pants which were designed for practical using and formal feeling too. Pants and skirts are completed of straight cuts and covered with positive summer prints. Objects are rarely playing with popular black colors too and proper amount of trendy variations of summer jackets. The inspiration was sourced from the Chineese post-modern art especially and we definitely think it helped the project to share pretty much of authors feelings this way.

Wardrobe filled with LaFormelas products will be newly and ceremonially purchased at The Simple Concept Store in Parizska street in Old Town of Prague this spring which is very exceptional phenomenon in Czech at all. Studio LaFormela has been also working on the newest collection at the moment to be released during the very special upcoming occasion.