Do you know the song “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac? It comes from their best- selling album “Rumours” which was released in 1977. The voice and music of Stevie Nicks is one of the symbols of the 70’s and 80’s change. And what is the connection between Stevie and Polish fashion? The answer is simple – Ania Kuczyńska and her new spring/summer 2013 collection.

Minimalistic attitude
Ania Kuczyńska is a Warsaw based designer, who in a few years time has established her position as one of the most interesting contemporary Polish fashion designers. Her international background, which includes graduation from prestigious universities in Rome and Paris, combined with a great talent are foundations of Kuczyńska’s success. She’s not only well-educated but also shows deep understanding of women’s needs. This helps her to create unique, captivating collections admired both in Poland and abroad – also in world’s fashion capitals such as Milan or Paris.

Her trademark look is described as “ornate minimalism”. Ania is well known for creating pieces which are feminine, sensual and often raw at the same time. Another characteristic feature of Kuczyńska’s work is deriving inspirations from pop culture and mixing them together during the long and often surprising process of creation into something completely new and unexpected. The story of her new spring-summer collection was no different.

Gold Dust Woman

The idea of collection refers to the characteristics of the late 70’s and early 80’s – a period shortly after a huge moral revolution but still on the eve of other cultural and fashion changes. Velvet voice and music of Stevie Nicks, iconic couple – Jack Nicholson and Anjelica – with their magnetic charm, energy and unforgettable elegance are mentioned by Kuczyńska as important influences. These were also the starting points of the collection which is a tribute to the chic, charismatic and nonchalant women.

The end product is elegant, casual – yet sophisticated. Soft, natural fabrics such as silk and cotton were turned into stylish, short dresses and tunics – with very deep necklines or revealing back. They fit tightly to the body and require the perfect shape. Skirts are very folded and delicate. They flutter with every step. Although all pieces seem simple and minimalistic, the closer look makes it clear – it’s all about the details. Just to mention two: undone collars and rolled shirts’ sleeves which add an offbeat character to the overall result. Colours are reduced to minimum – beige, powder pink, black and white monochrome allows to play with make-up and accessories.

The title “gold” is a symbol of Hollywood glamour and past era rather than a “real” gold and ostentatious variety. Kuczyńska has managed to create a well-balanced collection in which the exposure of the body doesn’t cross the thin line of vulgarity. It is more of a celebration of feminine beauty and power. We’re sure that such an intelligent collection will be well received among women. Let’s turn upcoming spring and summer into gold!

Photos: press materials