The main design institution of Hungary, Design Terminal, set a new approach to Hungarian fashion days and competition, Re-Think/Re-Button (Gombold újra!). While in the previous years applicants’ inspirational sources were stricktly limited to ONLY Hungary’s folklore heritage, it was a great tool to open up the eyes of investors and the public in general on new, upcoming fashion designers.

This year the theme’s going to be different and I’m personally very pleased with it. Design Terminal will host the Central European Fashion Days, which will feature some of the most interesting, experimental designers from the Visegrád countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). We will see the newest, Fall-Winter 2013-14, collections of among others: the Czech Hana Zárubová, the Polish ZIEN, the Slovak Marec Holubec and many great Hungarians, namely: Dori Tomcsanyi, NUBU, Anh Tuan, Artista and Konsanszky.

DESIGNEAST.EU will represent itself on this up-lifting moment of a united Central Europe – even if only on the fashion and artistic scene -, which means that You can follow every step of the fashion event. I’m excited to see live Marec Holubec’s newest creations and of course Hana Zárubová’s, not to mention my Hungarian favorite Dori Tomcsanyi’s.

In the calling material of this year’s competition sets that the applicant must refer to any Central European heritage, let it be physical, natural or intellectual. Only Hungarians can apply, which hopefully will change next year, but it’s a great challenge, so GO for it!

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the event! And don’t forget to visit the website for more information: http://www.designterminal.hu/gomboldujra/english.php