Vase XYZ

Vase XYZ

Thinking about the overall essence of Daria Podboj Havrda‘s designs, a Czech Republic based designer born in Sarajevo, few key-words come into mind: playful, humorous and simple. Clear forms that define her projects are applied with doze of thoughtfulness resulting in good proportions and distinctive style. As the furniture and accessories create the final mood of the interior I wouldn’t hesitate to choose some of Daria’s designs to spread a bit of individuality, lightness and optimism around the interior.

 Yoko is a collection of lamps that were made of durable and flexible plastic. It allows the user to adjust them to needs. Pendant, ceiling and table version were designed for the company developing lighting optic for specialty luminaries. The shape of the lamp is a little bit creature-like; making it really pleasant to use and commune with.

Baked dishes Rummy, Coconut, Vanilla is an original idea for bowls and serving dishes baked from dough and almond paste. Bowls are made of flours, butter, eggs, milk and sugar – their eatable and 100% degradable. Sustainable and tasty at the same time.

Vase XYZ is personally my favorite project. It consist of five elements made of bench lacquered wood. You can arrange them in eight different ways, allowing the user to transform object either in visual or functional aspect, giving people the possibility to create has become an interesting and worth observing trend in design. Transformed objects can send different messages, depending even on our actual mood. As it seems that people will change their surrounding more and more rapidly, transformable, adjustable furniture, accessories may induce the users to keep them for a long time.

For more projects go to Daria Podboj Havrda website.

Photos by Lina Németh