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kitch nitch

kitch nitch

White plain walls? There are people who absolutely love them. But for some this is totally characterless and not interesting as they use them as a canvas for creation, inspiration and self expression. The design duo named Kitsch Nitsch (Jaka Neon & David Kladnik) has a solution for them.

Besides other design work they are exploring the world of decorative cut-out vinyl sets that can be easily applied to the walls or ready made products like clothes. The main advantage of using vinyl sets is quick transformation of the ambient without profound intervention in its structure.

Jaka & David strive to design personalized and unique visual messages as opposed to prefabricated standardized solutions. They are scared of conformity, but not afraid of banality and in love with beauty. As you will see, their design philosophy is very well reflected in the work presented below.

kitch nitch

kitch nitch

The first project to be brought up is a redesign of the lobby in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Since the theatre’s main target audiences are children, you would probably expect a place full of cute & positive characters on the walls. However, in this case “the rules” have been broken. In Jaka & David’s opinion children actually like scary or at least a little bit naughty characters, because through them they can recognize that not everything in life is pleasant. Therefore their strategy was to create a fantasy world with playful mix of “Willy Wonka”, Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz inspired psychedelic puppet – like characters.

Kitsch Nitsch’s recent project was to design a decoration for the established hairstyle salon Mič Styling. The owners have decided to open a new salon – called YMS (Young Mič Styling) intended for the young & daring generation. The inspiration for bold, vivid and nonconformist visual style was the 70s and 80s brilliance of postmodernism. Besides vinyl sets they also designed a few pieces of furniture (various custom made mirrors, a sofa and a coffee-table).

Want more? Check Kitsch Nitsch website

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