Maria Jeglinska6

A brand new drinking set called Natalie & George decorated with a pattern designed by young Polish author Maria Jeglinska and produced by the traditional Polish porcelain manufacturer Kristoff had its world premiere at Milan Design Week 2013. An unusual combination of two different patterns resulted into a remarkable collection.

Looking for the ‘right’ motif, I produced a large stack of sketches and drawings. After a while, I began to juxtapose my sketches side by side and discovered that the contrast produced by two different motifs was far more interesting than simply repeating the same pattern on each element of the set. As with real-life couples, the combination of differing characteristics produced a strong and lasting effect, combining different qualities into one cohesive set.

The set was displayed within the curated exhibition of project as a part of EDIT by designjunction in La Pelota space, Zona Brera. It is comprised of a teapot, a jug, a creamer, a teacup, a surgarbowl, a mug, plates of two sizes and an eggcup.

Maria Jeglinska has already had a successful collaboration with established worldwide companies and institutions including Ligne Roset, St Etienne Biennal or London Design Festival. As a graduate in product design at the prestigious ECAL university in 2010, she established in the same year her own Office for Design & Research in London successfully working on a wide range of commission in industrial design, exhibition design, filmmaking and research-based projects.


Kristoff (Krzysztof) Porcelana located in southwestern Poland has been operating in fine table porcelain continuously since 1831, although its history was changing. In 1921 the business became temporarily a part of the Bavarian cartel with the Philip Rosenthal porcelain factory and during the communist era it operated under the well known state trademark W-Wawel. After the ownership transformations and lenghty financial troubles in the 90s, it was fully privatized and since 2010 it has new owners, who attempt to reinstate a forgotten tradition of the the firm’s cooperation with artists and designers. Although the connection proceeds so far only on the bases of decoration of existing forms, the firm has already presented a couple of interesting projects, e. g. the CIRCUS! collection by Marek Mielnicki.