Those of you, who are following the latest fashion trends, the ’20 years rule’ is nothing new: the fashion world re-thinks its redeemed past after 20 years and gains fresh inspiration from it. This means that we are dating approx. 1993, the era of fanny packs, sky-high platforms and Air Jordans. Hungarian fashion group, the FOUR is well-known from collections that are reflecting the most current trends and discussing hot topics, offering creations that could have easily came off the catwalks of London Fashion Week too.

This season’s collection is rich in soft colors as light green and yellow, paired with dark grey and summer’s favorite, white. The long, grey, velvet dress with the holographic tennis cap and white backpack gives me a terribly nostalgic feeling of my childhood – and reminds me of Rachel’s outfits from Friends, Kate Moss in Calvin Klein ads or J.Lo’s videos. As the designers put it:

The simultaneous sensation of a deliberated “anything goes” attitude in the sphere of fashion and art and the insecurity aroused by the blurring borders between reality and virtuality as well as the overwhelming dominance of technology highly affected the designers in the conception of the pieces.

However the FOUR’s Vibrant Spirits collection is full of character and iconic pieces, like fanny packs, A-line skirts and windbreakers, I still miss elegant pieces. Who follows their career knows well how skillful they are in creating feminine pieces – eg. see their first collection HERE. Furthermore I am not convinced that everyone can wear velvet midi skirts and furry crop tops. They are usually very good with materials, but the above mentioned ones are risky, although I like the patch-work pieces. All in all, it’s a commercial-wise very smart collection with a lot of must-have pieces. I feel the London-vibe, after the Parisian concrete jungle (see their previous collection HERE).

Campaign and lookbook credits:
Photography – Balázs Máté
Photo assistant – Dávid Bíró
Styling – Andrea Gönczy
Hair – Márk Károlyi at hairclub
Make-up – Tímea Vozák
Model – Besa at Art Models