3-D printing has opened many new – and endless – possibilities in design innovation, Abe Reichental (CEO of 3D Systems Corporation) believes that “over the next five years 3D printing will emerge as a major force of change in how we communicate, create, make, educate, cure and manufacture.”

There are lots of great new products using 3D printing technology, for example 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen that enables you to made 3D objects by hand or 3D-printed robotic exoskeleton for disabled people with underdeveloped muscles in their arms. However, in this article we will focus on 3D printing in fashion jewellery design.

OlgaFacesRok is a Slovenian jewellery brand, its founders are Olga Košica, one of the most prominent Slovenian jewellery designers and Rok Marinšek, a graphic designer. Their latest project is a jewellery collection Winter Garden. It was presented at Paris fashion week as part of a collection of a Chinese fashion designer Masha Ma. Jewellery was made with 3D printing, on sPro60 machine with selective laser sintering technology, using powder material –polyamide that allows the production of fully-functional product with high mechanical and thermal resistance. The earrings’ organic & “frozen” floral shapes of roses, lanterns, twigs were inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

If you want to see another great project from this talented team then check the collection Inside Out, where our internal organs, hidden from the eye, come to the surface as a unique piece of jewellery. The collection is described as bizarre and aesthetic at the same time.

Let’s finish with Olga’s personal motto: “Perfection is closely connected with monotony and uniformity. The boundary that forms between a mistake and perfection is the place, where interesting things begin to happen. “