Opel CS and AutoDesign&Styling magazine are announcing an international design competition aimed at free sketching. The task of the competition is to draw an ideal car ‘partner’ for the stylish mini model Opel ADAM.

A pencil, ballpoint pen, markers, tablet, high quality paper, or just a napkin in a restaurant… sketching is possible with anything and anywhere and the best sometimes need only a few quick strokes on paper from which emerge impressive lines of a new model. Brilliant design sketches show automotive design in its purest form and have developed into nearly an independent artistic discipline, and so for all those who share a passion for cars and design, Opel in cooperation with AutoDesign&Styling magazine has prepared a competition ‘ADAM Seeks EVE’.

Participants have the task of drawing/sketching an ideal ‘partner’ for the Opel ADAM. The result should be a perfect sketch inspired by the young and fresh design of the Opel ADAM. The Opel ‘EVE’ may be a personalised version of the current ADAM, a completely individual model inspired by the ADAM, or even its next generation – it depends only on the creativity and imagination of the artist. The winner will be the visually most attractive design sketch, which most originally grips the given theme for the Opel ADAM’s ideal partner.

The winners will receive, apart from others, an invitation to the September AutoDesign Prague conference on automotive design, where the world’s leading designers annually gather.

Opel Adam Design Development

The most successful projects will be chosen by an expert jury made up of professional designers and representatives of the organisers, jury chairman is Niels Loeb, Opel Adam Exterior Chief Designer.

The deadline is 20th May 2013, participation in the competition is not restricted. Details and registration forms can be found at www.auto-design.cz.