The Central European Fashion Days is one of the best initiatives of the last years. It aims to attract media attention from outside CEE, as well as it puts empathize on the fashion market by inviting buyers within and outside the region. However as a newborn it struggles with some serious organizing difficulties and inconveniences, this year was still a successful start and hopefully Design Terminál will manage to establish a tradition.

The very first organizing misstep was to postpone the actual fashion show to this Saturday. Organizers blamed it on the flood of Danube, but actually the river was never even close to the venue (as it’s on a Buda hillside) Maybe they did it out of respect? Not to show off with a glamorous  show in the time of need?… Anyways it was very unfortunate, mainly because many invited foreign guests won’t make to this Saturday. An other mistake was maybe even sadder: during the fittings the collection of Czech designer Zuzana Kubícková was badly damaged. She was understandably very disappointing as she wished to display her collection on the buyer event – which remained the only professional happening after all.

Along with a VIP fashion party and the unquestionably more useful buyers event, CEFD organizers also published a catalog in magazine format. It’s confidently heavy and glossy, and works very much like an exhibition catalog with a hidden propaganda to highlight Hungarian participants and members of the business. The fashion magazine format is humorous and lovable, while it shortly introduces the aim, organizes and participants. Clear and usable summary of the whole event.

All in all it was a good start. Members of Design Terminál, organizers and interns were professional, kind and fluent in English. CEFD wishes to fill a gap on the European fashion scene, to open up the region and attract media and business attention. I personally find it a great idea, because nor Budapest neither Prague or Warsaw can compete with fashion weeks of Paris or Milan, but if they are all united and well-presented CEE fashion can be a key player on the market too. I hope by time the holy trinity of high-street shopping (H&M-Zara-Mango) will be replaced thanks to smart entrepreneurs and CEE girls and boys will wear the latest local fashion!