IKAROS is atypical lamp created by young Slovakian designer Martin Gallo. The best way to understand conception – read the author’s description:

“The idea was based on Leonardo’s da Vinci engineering drawings and greek myth about Daidalos and his son Icaros. Lamp is stylization of flying young man with characteristical spreaded wings and tight hull. The shape of the object follows construction, which  is a major aesthetic element.

All parts are made of one meter long wire and join by cross-shaped brass connectors. Endings of steel rods function as anchor hangers for high reflection elastic fabric, which scatters the light in open space.

Remarkable feature of this light is simplicity of its production. It is necessary just to create a tailor cut for textile fabric and soldering brass tubes. Another important benefit is that construction is easily foldable. Thanks to the universal components is possible to design and create new objects and lighting solutions.

The range of IKAROS wing is 2 meters, it’s designed for large open spaces, where it can be installed as a series of lamps or as a solitary lamp. To be a source of light invisible for the human eye, minimal installation height is set at 3.5 meters. Lamp excels in hall spaces with high ceiling and above the staircase.