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They say it is inner beauty that counts. True? In most cases it does for sure, but the case I will write about is a little different.

Imagine you are at home or in a cafe, drinking tea or coffee. Do you pay any attention to the mug you are using? Is it possible that its outer beauty enhances your experience? Can we say that the inner beauty (taste and origin of coffee) and the outer beauty (mug’s story and design) are equally important?

Polona Pačnik, Slovenian illustrator (just one among other talents and occupations) is creating hand drawn illustrated characters that fit the cups perfectly (and other tableware products). Every product she creates has a unique (usually humorous) story behind. Her characters have “their mouths” full of inappropriate, funny, cute, rude, vulgar or cute sayings.

Let me tell you just one story. It is about the mug named – the QUEEN of COFFEE CUPS. Her name is Zmagoslavna (meaning “triumphant queen”) and she is the reigning queen who likes to joke about flat footers and tigers. She feels the safest with treasury overflowing and servants abundant. She never forgets to carry rouge, monogrammed handkerchiefs and a spare tiara in her purse. Get to know the queen who proclaims: “We are not amused” in the galley below.

When creating those products Polona combines her love for humor, drawing and writing. She is inspired by mythology, classical painting, European folk art’s motifs and comics, movies, music, street culture as well.

Photography is by KAJA POGAČAR

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  1. Perfection!

  2. Alenka

    Well, Polona is The Mug Queen!

  3. Brilliant! Where can one purchase them?

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