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Dori Tomcsanyi's Panel collection

Dori Tomcsanyi’s Panel collection

Let’s see CEFD in details after a light dipping in the overall impressions. Central European Fashion Days (CEFD) consisted out of two parts: the competition and the actual fashion show of Visegrád designers. Furthermore the competition itself – unfortunately yet only open to Hungarian talents – was divided into two sections: Newcomers and Oldhands. The winners were in Newcomer clothing: Orsolya Csík and Newcomer accessory: Ágnes Kovács; in Oldhands clothing: NUBU (Judit Garam, Adél Kovács and Anett Hajdu) in Oldhands accessory: MASAMOD (Ildikó Virág Erdei).

Dori Tomcsanyi is simply a genius, we’ve all been already aware of the fact. Her Panel collection was the proof that one can gain inspiration from CEE tradition without going crazy-nationalistic-folklore and sending the 100th puli dog inspired collection on the catwalk. These pieces reflected on block-house living (everywhere available in CEE for the adventurous): in-door plants, granny curtains and “original” Turkish carpet inspired patterns with sweatpants, old-fashioned shopping bags and naked light bulb prints. Simply the most creative and playful collection of the competition.

Newcomer DoRV clothing came with a compact collection. All five looks fitted well together and pieces were variable. I’m not familiar with the brand and its professional career but it was already clear from this capsule collection that the designer is smartly sensitive on international trends: the multiple layers, peek-a-boo fabrics and pixel print. I’m not sure about the salmon colored legging, but ok, this time I’ll let it go.

POPO collection of Réka Magyar, Mária Schuller, Réka Sümegi, Apol Temesi and Borbála Vértesi was parked directly next to Dori Tomcsanyi’s block house (collection). A Lada, a well-known car of the former Eastern bloc, was “disassembled” and closely examined so it could revive as a well-thought street wear collection. I loved the seat cover inspired trousers and bold jackets.

I was especially happy for Wonderground‘s (Dóra Hegedűs, Réka Hársfalvi and Ilona Karácsony) male collection. Colorful pieces, fantastic vibe and separately worn a delightful street wear. Lilla Demeter‘s Farm (Tanya) collection was also one of the good ones. Sweatpants and T-shirts rethought, great outdoor pieces – and the white feathered chicken dress was priceless, great humor!

The winner Bedclothes 2014 by Orsolya Csík again didn’t meet my expectations of a rewarded collection (same as last year and the year before…). It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t particularly good. I like the sheet-dresses and there’s something in the pillow/blanket coat, but all in all it’s a safe collection (like the one last year and the year before…). Poor Orsolya, I judge her hardly, because she won, otherwise I would probably find it a humorous collection. I’m eagerly waiting for her next act, which hopefully won’t be part of a competition like this.

Photos: Tamás Kovács Photography via CEFD

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