In the end of June we visited the 5th edition of Sofia Design Week. From its extensive program we select the exhibition More than a Bike as a potential winner in the category “the most time spent inside”.

The exposition situated in the remarkable space Fabrica 126 has demonstrated what is the process of bicycle’s invention and manufacturing nowadays – from the idea through the prototype to the product ready to be used by the final customer. The visitors had also the opportunity to see turned-down versions of the exhibited models – innovative and almost utopian products suitable for the urban environment conditions. Some of the vehicles were available to try to ride.

The exhibits were selected by Valentin Vodev, who was at the same time one of the Sofia Design Week main curators. This Vienna based Bulgarian designer presented within the show also his own electrically assisted tricycle called Vienna Bike including its elegant accessories.

Kolelinia is a cycling system designed by Bulgarian architect Martin Angelov based on steel wires located high in the air. There are two types of lines: The first is a tourist line above an interesting show place for which the bikes are specially designed. The second is a bridge type Kolelinia, which aims to overcome a problem spot on a cycling track. The commuters are supposed to use their own bikes here. Both systems are characterized by a minimum of material presence in space. As visitors of More than a Bike exhibition we could test Kolelinia in the Fabrica’s courtyard and it was fun!

Another project by Martin Angelov called Halfbike represents half-bicycle and half-skateboard. Bicycle pedals and gear remain here and are combined with the steering system of the skateboard. The result is an extremely compact vehicle suitable short distances in the city.

Among other participants, the exhbition More than a Bike also recognized names as Martin Naydenov with his Spear Trike, Diko Dikov with five models with a specially patented propelling system, Tsvetan Kirov with the small folding crossover Combino, as well as the reknowned Bulgarian Drag series.

For more information visit the Sofia Design Week website.
Images by DESIGNEAST and Valentin Vodev studio.