CZECHDESIGN presents its love for cooking in European context with breakfast in the bed.

The exhibition was commissioned by platform Culture – Central europe as a project focusing on the shared cultural values of Central european countries belonging to the “regional partnership” Exceptionality of breakfast is presented there not only by CZECHDESIGN but also by artistic teams from Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Through a selection of handpicked objects and breakfast specialities, meticulously curated by national partners, each table arrangement narrates a fascinating story. From craft inspired to modernist, earthy to playful, intimate to social, the table concepts have distinctive flavours envisioned by curators from their respective countries.

Czech installations was designed by CZECHDESIGN and its curator Michael Vasku who was inspired by intimacy that is connected with czech style of breakfast. Hardly ever is breakfast a meeting point for business issues in comparison with world trends. In the Czech Republic, breakfast is mostly served in the comfort of one’s own home, among families or eaten alone. This informality of the meal makes it special.

To express a sense of cultural openness in the exhibition, the curatorial decision was made to arrange a breakfast table on a bed. A bed is the most private, cherished and intimate location for having breakfast. The selection covers well-known designers such as Jiri Pelcl, Maxim Velcovsky and Rony Plesl, as well as lesser-known but very promising names, including studio deForm, studio LLEV and Martin Zampach. However, a national design scene is not just characterized by its designers, but also by its manufacturers, who are willing to invest in local talent. So the exhibition focuses on featuring well-established brands, such as Tescoma or TON, as well as young, ambitious companies, including Brokis, LUGI and Verreum. All of them have one quality in common: they take into account their nation’s history.They devote themselves to an emerging national style, reflecting local traditions in the arts and developments in craftsmanship and technology.

You can enjoy all of the six national breakfast tables laid with a selection of design objects in the Writer’s House of Georgia in Tbilisi from 24. June  to 3. July 2013.