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Budapest Design Week celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and this will be the 5th year, when the programs include opportunities for all of the design lovers to meet designers in person and to learn about the work of studios, workshops within the confines of Open Studios from the 27th of September until the 6th of October.

Graphasel Design Studio_2

In 2013 the focus is on the crossovers of contemporary design or the intersections that design creates with architecture, fine arts, crafts or digital technologies, because during the last few years contemporary design has moved towards new ways of expression due to different external forces, like the economic crisis or social and cultural changes. Considering these it is not a surprise, that the offer is varied, so we can glance at the world of mobile applications if we visit Team Distinction or follow the stations of creating one-off leather bags in the studio of TheBetaVersion. Jewellery design will be presented by Anna Nemesi, who continues a family tradition and we can also spend interesting moments in the studio of Minusplus and 3H architecture if we are interested in architecture. This year a lot of young designers, like ÁERON, ANNCHI, APLI DESIGN and KOMOD will open their gates next to the two brand-new collectives called Heinrich Alkotó Szint and HOLLÁN9, that unite different creative energies. Another spot, the Graphasel Design Studio also celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and we will have the chance to get acquainted with printing in the studio of Absoloot or have a chat with the acclaimed fashion photographer Mark Viszlay.

During their open days, they welcome everyone who is interested in the behind-the-scenes secrets of the creative professions and wishes to meet designers, a.k.a. „engineers of the future”.

Photos by Dániel Őry