Men‘s fashion designer Miroslava Horka in cooperation with studio Gravelli, and creative artist Yemi A.D. will release her newest collection at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013 with concrete elements as well as complete looks derived from concrete. The conjoined project and show that will be presented at the fashion event of the year, is titled He Froze.


Designer Miroslava Horka will show her spring / summer 2014 collection under her trademark MIRKA HORKA. The men‘s wear collection includes eighteen outfits that conceptualize urbanism, and reflect the human influence of living in a city while consequently then destroying the human inhabited city. The collection uses materials that consist of both flax and concrete, which are used for complete outfits, as well as male design accessories, for instance cufflinks or summer shoes. While the design uses simple lines; the character and structure of the concrete are what inspire phenomenon throughout the project. The creators also utilize the typical cooling effects that concrete often presents.

studio Gravelli

Gravelli designers winners of the 2013 Vodafone Idea of ​​the Year Award, specialize in working with concrete. By using design and realization Gravelli designers want to highlight the priority of this material, and show that using concrete offers a wider array of possibilities aside from just the construction of building foundations. This is evidenced by architectural elements such as concrete sinks, bar counters, speakers, tables, and lighting. Gravelli combines unique production technology, and harbors an irrepressible desire to push boundaries. Additionally the Studio offers a fashion collection made ​​of concrete as well as a concrete jewelry edition.

Yemi A.D.

A celebrated, choreographer, creative director, performer, artist, and winner of numerous awards, has collaborated with world star musicians and associations. His clients include Kanye West and AdidasHis involvement with the He Froze collection will include choreography, stage design, as well as musical performances from his latest debut EP named Equals.